The best collected for curly hair hairstyles 2018

Does curly hair always have to go loose to look good? Not necessarily. Hairstyle in a collected, the curls can be wonderful. And they do not have to be smoothed before. The curly hair can be very nice collected, with waves giving the hairstyle a fun touch, turning even the most simple hairstyle in the spotlight. We have selected the best collected for curly hair; discover them in our photo gallery.


For most of these looks, it is important that the curls fall beautifully and do not look frizzy. To help control frizziness, treat your curls regularly with extra care: wear a mask once or twice a week. After washing your hair, shape your curls with Twisted foam of got2b with wet hair. This will maintain its elasticity and give the curls a healthy shine. Tip: dry your curls with diffuser. Instead of being damaged by heat, the indirect hot air through the diffuser will define the curls perfectly.


Picked up for curly hair: Curly Bun Hairstyles


A simple bow becomes special when you do it with curly hair. This look is even more stylish when it is somewhat disheveled, with an undefined finish. First, collect your hair in a ponytail on the top of the head. Roll the pigtail on itself and place it in place with forks. Then release some curls from the sides, and loosen the hair with your fingers so you do not look too tense. Finally, spray lacquer for greater support.



Pick up for curly hair: French locken



A classic French locken or French twist is also perfect for curly hair. This look works best with a slightly long mane, just below the shoulders. With wavy hair, this hairstyle is even better than with straight hair, with the waves turning a pretty formal look into something much more fun and casual. How to comb it: collect all the hair in a low ponytail and roll it up. Fix it with hairpins. Let the tips fall out of the pickup.



Picked up for curly hair: Loose Braided Updo Hairstyle



A simple braid is a totally basic look. But with curly hair and collected with minimal effort, this hairstyle becomes something special. Note: the longer the hair is, the easier it will be to braid it. For a voluminous and disheveled finish, loosen the braids when you finish. Finally, roll the braid back and fix the hairstyle with lacquer.



Pick up for curly hair: Half-Up Bun Hairstyle



Here a stylish hairstyle for day to day: the semi-picked. This look can be combed at the top of the head or from behind. How is it done? Take two sections from the height of the ears and bring them to the top of the head on each side and join them with a rubber band. Now roll that pigtail over itself and hide the tips under the rubber. Give the look an even more casual look by pulling a few strands of the bun. As this hairstyle focuses attention on loose hair, put a few drops of hair oil (for example, Ultimate Oil Elixir) on the palms of your hands and massage your tips to get a more careful look.


Collected for curly hair: crown braid

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This crown braid hairstyle is great for special occasions, and ideal for curly hair. First, divide your hair into two halves. Starting with one of them, braid the hair from the nape of the neck up in a German braid. Now, repeat with the other side, but this time do it from above towards the nape of the neck. How is the German braid made? Read more here Tip: To make the braids look more bulky, loosen them slightly when you’re done. Then, with some hairpins, fix the braids around your head as in a crown. Conceal the tips hiding them under the braid.


Picked up for curly hair: ponytail



Same as the semi-picked, this hairstyle is ideal for day to day because it is very fast and easy to do. A ponytail is also a perfect hairstyle for when your hair does not fit very well, or when your curls do not have the shape you would like, or when you have to wash your hair. Tip: put on a headband before making your ponytail. This can hold everything in place while you comb your hair, and master the wavy roots. Now pick up the hair behind the head in a high ponytail. If necessary, grab the loose strands from the back with hairpins. Spread a little gel or wax in the pigtail … and you already have it!

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