10 Amazing tricks that will give you instant curls the next day

Changes are always a perfect idea to renew your energy and thoughts. Today there is more than one trick to change your look in minutes without having to spend too much in a beauty salon. The girls love these tricks that almost seem like we collect them. And as what we love doing most with our hair, is to play new ideas and style options, surely if you have straight hair you die like us to achieve the most beautiful curls in the least amount of time.



And is that the straight hair girls envy today more than ever the curls and waves in our hair. Maybe it’s because of the advantages of having curly hair, or simply because the curls and volume in your hair today are becoming the most trendy in your hair. This is how we have created from the most wavy effect to the most defined curls with these great 10 tricks to create curls from night to morning.



1. Create double buns


Just separate your hair into two parts and make big double buns behind your neck. Leave them at night or at least a couple of hours. Loosen them and apply only a little hair fixative and you will have nice waves.


2. create Waves Heatless Headband



With the help of a night waves, carefully wind the strands of hair inward. Sleep all night like this and the next day discover the incredible beach ripples that you will achieve with this easy trick.



3. Try the same trick of the Headband, but with a handkerchief



Wind your hair from the bottom up with a handkerchief, the finish will have a kind of “donut” on the top. In the end only tie your handkerchief and sleep the night like that. Drop the handkerchief and comb your wavy hair.



4. Sleep with a good buns


Before sleeping, make a large buns on your crown. Preferably do not use any product and make sure it is clean. So the next day when you wake up and let go, you will see gentle waves.



5. Roll up your hair and pass the Flat Iron


Este es ideal para cuando quieres un estilo mucho más suelto y playero. Separando en mechones tu cabello


6. Small rolls for curlingiron curls


For a better result when making these strands of hair, try to try it with your semi-dry hair. Once you have adjusted the amount of curls you want, you can warm up with your hair dryer and achieve a more lasting effect.



7. Learn these knots with your fingers


It is much easier than it seems, learn the correct method with the following video.



8.  half-french-braid


With the help of braids creates Braided curls as you want. This will be defined by how thin or thick your braid is. The smaller your braids are, the more defined your curls will be.


9. For your curls help yourself with a pencil and your iron

Learn to master the full technique in this video.




10. Use straws and pins for more defined curls






For even more defined curls use straws (or straws) and with pins to adjust them. Remember not to fold the straws if you are looking for an effect of natural curls, that look marked and defined.

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